Verse 1: I found a precious stone/ hold on hold on/ I’ve known it for so long/ so strong so strong Hk: A million thoughts a millions pieces of a soul/ I’ll put it in your hands to see how much it glows/ A part of me is long gone/ so long gone/ and slowly slipping into this black hole P.O.S verse: diamond in the rough/like a diamond in the rough/you can find me where the water turns to mud/ where the bottom aint as solid as they said it probably was/ I’m in the rough/ find me in the weeds/ needle in a hay stack doing what I please/ got me pressuring my goals/ pressuring my coals/yelling like I’m hells bells ringing flicking pennies at an ice cold well/wishes sitting on the surface/ wishing time would fucking hurry up and tell/must have left my luck in vegas/ must have left the shamed and aimless/must have left my love on something evenly but not equally blameless/must have crept right up/ long gone to yall/ so clear to me/so far from ya’ll/ be right here for me/ cant fight it’s like trying to conquer gravity/ stomping kicking nothing while the universes laugh at me/ float let it float/ float let it float/ not a thing/ they can study tracks
Hk (Cliff B) : There’s a ghost inside of me/ is it him that you seek/ I’ll come see you while you sleep/ visit you inside of your dreams Verse 1: I’m an underachiever/ it’s hard for me to find a team of leaders so I just bleed easily over the speakers/ never sleep huh/ you can ask my gem/ she would tell you I can dream without the rem huh/ rap like I’m mum ra/ though at times I hate it/ it could be debated/ that I’m the bottom of the totem pole a lonely soul/ but I can still go/ toe to toe/ blow for blow with any bad mon trying to play like he’s Geronimo/ hell no/ I will never go low/ for a hit single/ I would rather mingle/ with sentient beings go with the flow and just float/just float/just float/just float/just float/ just float/ uni honored me and handed me a mirror/ told me I was who I seek and it couldn’t be clearer/ I thought I would just tear up/ from the pain and the terror/ but now I’m gone with the wind/ no scarlet o hara/ fo sho Verse 2: I don’t feel like a man/ sometimes I feel childish/and if you couldn’t tell I’m trying to hide it/ a pauper hanging out with your highness/ and we’re just trying to put the past behind us/ I walk the fine line like a tight rope/ if you can find hope in a line or rhyme that I wrote than I’m dope/ no I don’t need a co sign or crew or a squad/ I’m gon do what I do swear to god if there is one/ I think about the years that have come and gone/ peace out to track/ remember dorm rooms we would battle rap/ make beats on trash cans/ didn’t make it past first semester/ momma tried to stop me but I couldn’t let her/ tether all the edges of the letters that I wrote to myself/ and I hoped it would help but I failed and I failed/I’m a ghost in this shell/but I know it’s all good/I’ve always just done what I should
Intro: I can reach into space pull down a fist full of stardust/ the beginnings not far from us/ it’s the ending that’s twisting my arm to trust the next phase that’ll haunt us/ regardless of my hubris/ I gotta aim true like a cue stick/ a wise man wrapped in stupid with true grit/ felt the call of the music/ your acts useless/ desert eagle to ego so you know how the dude quits/ I dare devil like evil kenevil while you shift/ nervously in your boots the enemy’s in cahoots with friends from past youth/ got nothing to lose/ play the part for art?/ huh you choose/ it’ll fall apart/yup/ like things do/fill all your carts/shoot all your marks/ all the black children/ people still will march/ stack all your millions/eat another meal again/go on get your fill again/this is what a villain is/work hard for shillings and numb all your feelings/your automated to make it or break it/fulfilling/nothing your feeling broken and naked/ this ceiling could cave in/I hope you find love at the days end/ and realize that everything above is amazing/hanging on by a thread they can offer us bread/ but we’d rather take jewels instead and that’s dead/ Verse 1: Hagakure number 39/ I used to be like fuck all of ya’ll/ and then I tried to love some of ya’ll/ but there’s a few that I would never catch before the fall/ as the horizon blinks away on a dying day I can say I shook hands with fate/ jooks to the fake soul reaper rake in the spirit that it takes to defend from the hate/ these moments are spent like chump change/waxing the philosophical bent on dumb rage/ something to find impossible/ flip the next page/ new friend to true zen through the hadouken/ had a few dreams but I put em in a bottle like a letter and I let em float away in the river/ it’s cold outside you can catch the shivers /ima swallow my pride and follow my center/ Hk: So the writings on the wall/ I put it there for you/ cuz I care for you/ with the mud from the ground/ driven by the love that I’ve found and I hope that it’s still around when im gone/ ya I hope that it’s still around when I’m gone/ Bridge: One hand/ five fingers my homie you can reach and take a hand/ and that/ same hand/five fingers/ can clinch into a fist and save the land Verse2: Found my only fear was looking in the mirror/ now I know I’ve found my strength in you friend/ don’t you shed a tear the sky is getting clearer/ plus the clouds are only there for shade again/ I can see the mountains with the mist above/waters springing out of fountains/ rivers flowing/ you are all I’ll need and all I’ll ever hope in/ the star gate is open /now lets go in/ open bout as wide as the ocean/ swallow foolish pride and all of my emotions/ and now I know I’ve finally got the notion/ to go swim/ real good real good til the end/ my love you should you should til the end/ join in jump in join in jump in 92 plus 8 my friend jump in/ it’s all that we need


Ratchet Kills (BMI)
Guest Starring : Rbts Win & P.O.S. of Doomtree
Star Machine/Wax Cult 2016


released February 7, 2016

Vocals: Ratchet Kills (BMI) (godEater,Motoko's Mirror,Petroglyph)and Bonus Track (Orphan)
P.O.S. (godEater)
Cliff B aka Mother Hood ( Motoko's Mirror)
Backing Vocals: Bret Phillips (Petroglyph)
Lyrics: Ratchet Kills (godEater,Motoko's Mirror,Petroglyph)
P.O.S. (godEater)
Cliff B (Motoko's Mirror)
Sinah (Bonus Track "Orphan")
Production: Rbts Win
Additional Bass: Bret Phillips
Bonus "Orphan" Ft. Sinah
Produced By: Sinah
2013 recorded UK/ATL
DYVER:PETROGLYPH was Mixed and Recorded By: Bret Phillips at Phatcave Recording Studio, Atlanta, Ga
Star Machine/ Wax Cult 2016


all rights reserved



DYVER Atlanta, Georgia

DYVER, is a hybrid, psych soul and street pop art sonic soundscape rounded with a solid foundation in hip hop, indie, and electronic music from Atlanta, Ga. With comparisons ranging from Lauryn Hill and the alternative music of Thom Yorke. To a soulful downtempo style comparable to James Blake and Sampha. ... more

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