released July 3, 2017



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DYVER Atlanta, Georgia

DYVER, is a hybrid, psych soul and street pop art sonic soundscape rounded with a solid foundation in hip hop, indie, and electronic music from Atlanta, Ga. With comparisons ranging from Lauryn Hill and the alternative music of Thom Yorke. To a soulful downtempo style comparable to James Blake and Sampha. ... more

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Track Name: Beasts or Gods
This song is about feeling caught in between two modes of thought. Being a lower middle class african american trapped in between two worlds and still looked at only being black.A dicothomy. All his white friends have an anger that has passed long ago for him and become sheer absurdity. The frustration stemming from not being able to change what is no matter the intention "here, african, no wings".Diaspora.- DYVER


Are you beasts or gods?

All of my white friends are activists

All of these dude bros are feminists

I'm here
No wings
Track Name: Twin Peak Dreams
Watching a shit ton of "Twin Peaks" with my fiancé . Smoking a shit ton of weed. Had these dreams about ridding myself and still being alive and well in another dimension, still feeling slight guilt for existing at all.Not knowing myself at all, so how the fuck could anyone say they know me?"-DYVER



I wrote this song in red
The numbers in my head
Are spinning around
I walk into the corridor and what i found
Was blood on my hands, feels like i murdered a friend
And i would do it again
to save my sanity
he seems so familiar
but he's fading away
memories of a part of me

Lets skip the daps, Lets skip the hello's (2x)
Ya'll don't know me man you dont know me (2x)


I dont know who you are
A shade of film noir
A blemish on a star
A sugar tanked filled car going no where fast

Better haul ass to the next planet
I'm an 80s baby my first crush was janet
Wish i could moonwalk with michael
Hit prince and david bowie up for a night cap
And write raps bought how life's bull
full of it, I don't covet, i release what i can with a low budget
agent cooper in a stopper so dougie
where do i belong?(2x)
I could get lost in a song, as life goes on



Holy shit oh holy shit I think i found myself/
going mental on the instrumental i found help/
fairweather winner supreme goose for the winter/
rock the title belt/ as revival swells
homies turn into haters trying to short hand me/
paranoia with anybody thats not family/
i remember at sixteen i wanted a grammy/ now i'm happy
if anybody can fucking stand me/ champ feather weight bound to self
deprecate/just want a taste of the power they want the whole plate/
i'm clockin in by the hour for meager pay rates/ dreaming bout the gold
plaque with the nameplate i play the game well gimme an espy/ lebron long gone bald flippin the sp /404 hit em with the 808 about survival all my rivals gone on that DOA i dont play
Track Name: Lucky
I've been making music independently for 17 years. I've made a lot of garbage.I've also made things that are better than half of the shit out there. I've been in bands, changed my name several times, played at iconic venues ,toured,opened for and collaborated with national acts. had bullshit indie label deals, played for free time and time again.Then i stopped for four years.I was over it.I couldnt get a grip on kissing enough ass to be a part of something." I don't feel so LUCKY. But still no soul can touch me."I stand by my hard work and my evolution as an artist regardless of approval.The fuckin internet has dudes being bigger pieces of shit than they were prior and i know coming from myspace to now.Also shout out to anyone that i've ever featured on a track that has returned the favor to me, anyone who i've booked on a show who's returned a favor to me, anyone who i've reached out to who's had an extended hand. All who havent. FUGHED ABOUTit.Here's to the relentless drive of the indie artist.-DYVER



Wait a minute/The claim they winnin/ well i don't feel so lucky
but still no soul can touch me/


Cashed in my chips
lost the house/my car/my kids/
pockets empty i dont own shit/
but im feeling like a million/
what the fuck is wrong?/ not a damn thing/
I aint brand new at it nigga
you can tell your whole crew they can get it/
solo dolo a pro tho with no promo/
they go high i go low i dont owe no/
explanation/ what's your destination?/
where you headed mane?/what's your vision?/what's your goal?/
what you trying to say?/ i ask the man in the mirror every single day/
and no matter what i cant pray the hate away/ praise the 808/ in the cathedral with the easel and the palate painting picture perfect michaelangelo/ here's the tiniest violin and a cello for pitiful fellows



Let's skip the daps skip the hello's/ how many of you have i given some free promo?/oh well i learned my lesson i wont do that no mo/ i'll stay in the studio you can bounce like a pogo/ dip like a chip/ kick rocks like a flinstone/ ima garner my focus and stay in this zone/ all my so called homies/ nigga they been gone/so i ignore the ringtone and ditch my phone/
listen to old me like god my shit sucked/ listen to new me like yo that's what sup/ listen to future me like what the fuck have i done/ i spit so much flames i burnt away the sun/ another day as an underachiever/tryna make doubters believers/ betcha petra is hidden in the heart of a veteran/ i'm doing this til the dead end/ a dead end

Track Name: AMWF
Dude, i get it, your mad about the social injustice, you are ashamed to be an american after a fuckoff is now in office (again), the rich fuck over the poor,women deserve equal rights, homophobia and xenophobia are both bullshit. Gender roles are a prison for some. But who in the hell do you think you are? Are you able to feel more than the people that are directly affected by this?It's not like black people started being pissed after the rash of publicized shootings the last decade. Niggas been getting fucked over and killed and raped since they touched american soul. A dude told me in November that he was "scared for the country" after "he who shall not be named" won. He asked me how i felt. "I'm black in america, theyve been shooting guys that look like me in the streets everyday" was my response. He brushed the statement off like it held no ground but his newfound anger was the same and justified.GTFOH. To my white friends i love you. But the BLACK PANTHERS were the most powerful front for social change in america for the urban youth and people of color. The GHETTO BOYS and many more in new york were a huge movement for change in the seventies.The bloods and crips have been organizing more and more to protect their communities. So many have fought before and have been shot down. we've lost so many lights Malcom, Martin...What makes you think all of a sudden that ya'll can be heroes for us? Seriously if you want to be mad about this shit. Tell your families to stop being racist. Start with your parents,your grandpa and grandma and uncles, cousins who tell the fucked up jokes or make prejudice and outdated social jabs and vote for fascists and spout that bluelivesmatter nonsense. Leave the hash tags alone. Change starts from ground zero.In the name of solidarity I as a black man and human being appreciate you.But you aint ever gonna be no ones hero. Only we as a people can save ourselves through civil, political, and economic means.It's our cross to bear. White supremacy is a poison.but black excellence is the antidote.(and stop saying nigga at shows and clubs when a song comes on man, ya'll dont own that right)-DYVER


My people had to come a long way
You cant' be a hero, a hero today (2x)


I lit this fire for boredom
/ i could retire tomorrow/ music could make me a martyr/
cuz i give all of my heart and my sorrow/ i dont got no one to help me/
no one is gon make me wealthy/ sometimes not mentally healthy/ but i've got anger to quell me/
shoot another black in the back say he sold crack/take another dad from a child who has no chance/ all my white friends are activists now/ but they wont be the ones who gunned down/ imagine just waking up/ knowing your life can be taken up/ they pulled up on me at best buy/ i was just tryin to get by


They say no justice no peace/
hash taggin all on they screens/
don't even know what it means/
african stuck with no wings/
ya my fiancé is european/ i've got a daughter thats black/
I've got a native american grandma/ we cant get none of this back/
you do not know how it feels/ sittin here spinnin these wills/ tryin to stay legit/ stuck in a system no fit/you think a hash tag is helping/ all of your rantin and yelling/ cog in a big machine/ stuck as the fodder of villains


It's politics and bullshit (2x)
Track Name: DED
This is about accepting it. About just saying yo,There's an agenda against me. There's a systematic agenda against the poor. Against people of color. Against women. Against the outsiders.Why? I'm of the belief that if we didnt pose a threat to the institution why would they care. What's so special about us that we intimidate to the point of needing to be destroyed. Speaking systematically. If you fall in line everything is gravy. If not they want you gone man. Like dead. Seriously just think about the fact that there are groups of people that want others eradicated just for being. It has to go deeper than that. They say people only fear what they dont understand. I say people only fear when they have something to lose. "thats why they want me ded"(AMERIKKA). -DYVER


Walk outside today like i'm on cloud nine/
smiling like i made love with the most high/
god is a woman to me with cosmic eyes/
garden green as emeralds and out of sight/
you can call me by my name/elohim son of kings/ and the stolen slaves/
i built the pyramids apparently
/ terracotta soul inherently they scared of me


Thats why they want me dead/ why the want me dead/ want a bullet in my head/ bullet in my head/ want to take all of my bread/ take all of my bread/ so the babies cant be fed/ babies cant be fed (2x)


In a world so cold they aint got no soul/ put em in a hole take away they home/ take away they rights and they will to fight/"if it was up to me/ they'd all die tonight"/ (2x)


Stay inside this week im like a caveman/ cant relate to anybody anyway man/people think they know me but i'm just an alien/ battling against the odds of being jaded/feeling like camus/ the absurdity is caving in my roof/ of this house that i built for my solitude/ turn my phone off again/ i cant stand the news/

Track Name: CTYBOI
I left one city in search of something. Not within the city itself but within myself. I almost died in a bike wreck, lost money, but i gained a new perspective and work ethic.I learned that solitude was a gift and that the people i thought were important to me being who i needed to be didnt exist. It's been up to me. At the beginning its me saying" i fold". There was a point in the last 10 years that i was sincerely over living. Never really suicidal.Just the mundane repetitive nature of everything in the world as i saw it was a grey void. I kept making music, i met people different from me. I learned to think about more than myself. Now i'm there. I'm moving back to my hometown of Atlanta, marrying my best friend and ya'll aint going to ever see what i'm going to accomplish creatively coming.I do what i want. You should also.Fuck em."This CTYBOI'S gotta go home".-DYVER


I fold
I'm folding i'm out of it
I'm going to call it quits

I know this CTYBOI's gotta go home


These trees are green/ and mountains blue/ i'd scour all the earth for you/ the sky's a hue of pending doom/ i hope your with me/ til it's through


I know/ the CTYBOI's gotta go home/


back (3x) to the basics/ thought by now i'da made it/what am i headin for in the first place?/ cant run home no first base/ in my dome theres no space/ for the depths of my thoughts/ add a little stress to the pot/ sprinkle little sess and i'm gone a man obsessed with a thought/

and as dark as it gets/ carry light on my shoulder/everyday that im older/ adopting the mind of a soldier/ the past is behind you move on/ be here right now with your crew gone/ be here right now with the groupons for the similac and the diapers fighter/ when it gets a little brighter/ you can thank the stars/ no matter how far/ just remember it's who you are/
when you feel a bit stronger/ go on lift your head/ dont abandon what was said/ just believe and receive the best/

you gotta be you til the day you rest/ gotta stay true and forget the mess/ they try and hand you on a rusted platter/ say no to the kings and become a master (2x)
Track Name: 2 Die 4
any word that came out of Nelson Mandela's mouth was gold. But the life he lived and the example he led shows how far we can go as human beings. We have to start at home, DEFEND OUR RIGHTS and be willing to die for them.-DYVER