MAZE by Dyver
2017 Wax Cult


Ima play
Hard to get
with the gravest consequences
duck out of the way he's flying low
caught up in more trouble than I can show
there's no right or wrong in the first place
black and white is gone it's a grey space
I'm just tryna get to the destination
Baby I already said the world can wait Ya
I aint got no worries but I got some troubled thoughts
caught up in a hurry tryna get where I belong
Figment of Imagination that place don't exist
life is not a fairytale and i Cant make a wish
How did it get to this?2x
fortune favours the brave so we should take a risk
I'm just ridin this wave ridin this wave
hopin for a version of me thats better behaved Ya

You don't know the way out
tryna find a way out
caught up in a maze and ya wiggin out
y'all can play the game yo I'm sittin out 2x

Im not the best in the game
they never taught me the rules
so i just do what i do
ya i just do what i do
i got a lady i love
hopin to give her a future
i got a daughter that needs me
i got a neice thats a hooper
i got a nephew and mini me
all of my family needs shit
sittin here postin this music
hopin that some nigga streams it
man i dont give a shit anymore they say the best things in life are free
thats why ya'll got so much free music at the cost of me
no co sgins awesomely i still be craftin beats
i don't pay for no promotion cuz niggas still sleep
i was floatin on the ocean off of a sandy beach
thinking i'd never have my hand out to get a piece
I'm just riding this wave riding this wave
get at home late and write in light of the day
I chose to be an artist regardless of what you say and I choose to make this music regardless if it get's played

Hk 2x

Ya'll can play the game
get caught up in the maze
i'm gon ride this wave
i'm gon ride this wave


released May 27, 2017
Written, Produced,Vocals By: Terrence Michael Smalls



all rights reserved


DYVER Atlanta, Georgia

DYVER, is a hybrid, psych soul and street pop art sonic soundscape rounded with a solid foundation in hip hop, indie, and electronic music from Atlanta, Ga. With comparisons ranging from Lauryn Hill and the alternative music of Thom Yorke. To a soulful downtempo style comparable to James Blake and Sampha. ... more

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